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Everyone has diminished ..talent within..perhaps a jerk , persuasion or startle is needed to begin..very true.. I always had the wish to paint , draw ….and thus be on the creative edge.. but certainly always took it as a hobby. Something I could take up in my free time.. but after a lot of persuasion I have began to learn it formally :)) Thanks to the “”.. a real inspiration for this small but powerful beginning.. all of these posts and content here.. is for my .. the inspiration the radiant awakening… ..


My first post

After going through weeks of classes on painting on pretty much everything – from glass to paper to plastic – it came to my mind that why not blog about it.

They are not jaw-dropping I know but I aspire to improve.This is something which I always wanted to do in life but never got the time and motivation. Taking out time out of a busy schedule is sometimes taxing… but you gotto do what you gotto do.

So here I am. Painting my world with all the colors I can. And that’s the beauty of painting which arrests me like a charm everytime I think of it.

Hope you like it.

– Jyoti